Thursday, October 29


Autumn days can be really beautiful. Even the trees in the dreary schoolyard now have beautiful yellow leaves. Unfortunately, I caught a cold.

Tomorrow, I want to clink glasses with my brother! Glückwunsch, Herr Doktor!

Friday, October 23


This week is finally over! I cannot believe it. I had so much work to do, so did Stephan.
Today, I rewarded myself with shopping at Ikea.
And this weekend is going to be a long one. Monday is Austria's National Day.
Have a fine autumn weekend!

P.S. I have just realized that I've never been tagged by anyone. How does it feel?

Monday, October 19


It takes me one hour to get to university. I see a lot of people passing by, I discover new streets and new buildings.
In the campus cafeteria.

Sunday, October 18

sunday at home

Sunday. Breakfast, taking a shower, reading Lilian Faschinger.
Cooking plaice with runnerbean stew (adapted from Jamie at Home). Drinking white wine. Baking brownies. Paging through Gudrun Sjödén's beautiful autumn catalogs.

Are you enjoying your Sunday?

Saturday, October 17

fortune telling

Discoveries on my way from the tram station to the subway station.

Oskafftade varor (via Lisen, tack!)

This Saturday was not very relaxing so far but I'm going to turn off my computer soon. Happy weekend to all of you!

Wednesday, October 14


Flowers I bought at the farmer's market last Saturday. Summer feelings on a rainy, windy day (via Jen).

+ Happy birthday to Anna!

Tuesday, October 13

leaves and pears

I'm back at college and I'm learning how to enjoy weekends again.
Last Sunday, I had a great time with Stephan's family at a wonderful restaurant in the countryside.
Stephan's mum gave us self dried pears.

Visit the small world art project by Helene and Christoph and send them your postcards!

Friday, October 9

sunday hike

Sunday hike with Stephan, his parents, aunt and cousin in the beautiful Kamp valley.
It was not really fallish. The weather changed today. Grey and rainy. I don't mind.

Tuesday, October 6

last saturday

Last Saturday, I bought tea and herbs at Sonnentor. I loved the autumn light.
We played Master Mind. And we met Bernd and Matthias at the Kesselhaus in Krems.

I have to learn to enjoy my weekends. I'm going to be on a really dense schedule this semester. Some details: I'll learn how to knit and to crochet, to do a headstand and to sing high like children.

Thank you so much for your comments!

Thursday, October 1

last day of september

Some things ended yesterday. A month. The tea-free time. Not being a student anymore.
And now I'm studying again. Three years from now, I will be a ground school teacher.

Thank you for the autumn tea, Veronika, it's delicious. It was much fun on Monday!

Happy October!