Friday, April 29

spring loves


don't forget me

an-do lunch

I love spending sunny afternoons on my balcony. I cleaned it up, bought some plants and a new armchair - awesome! I love having lunch at An-Do, too. This is one of my favorite places to be in this town. And last - but not least - I love spending evenings with dear old friends. Welcome home, Michi. Too bad that Marlene already had to go back...

Thursday, April 28

a cat, not a bunny

good morning

I already told you that I totally enjoyed my Easter holidays. I took these few pictures at Stephan's parents' home.

Wednesday, April 27

april random



Since finding Instagram I don’t touch my camera that often. I'm not so happy whith that, but Instagram is truly an easier way to share the everyday. Anyway, I promise to show you some of my "normal" photos soon.

I again have to thank you for commenting my blog entries and for loving my photos. I haven't been here for a long time now - I seemed to need a break and I enjoyed my Easter holidays. I hope, you're doing fine, too.

Friday, April 15

Monday, April 4

inside - and outside


step inside


spring flowers


I love these early spring days.

Sunday, April 3

Saturday, April 2

craft lesson

craft lesson

craft lesson

We learned how to make a paper bag.