Wednesday, September 30


Two weeks ago, I went hiking in Styria with my parents, my brother Bernhard and Stephan.
It was a wonderful day. My mum and I had our birthday dinner at Pogusch – see here.

Tuesday, September 29

late afternoon

Late afternoon beer with Stephan at Do-An. The market stands were already closing down.
Have you already tried Oblaten from Karlovy Vary? You can buy them in Vienna, too!

Monday, September 28


My Sunday: breakfast, bike tour and vegetable soup.

What did you do?

Sunday, September 27


I went to the farmer's market on Saturday and it turned me joyful immediately. Although I missed Stephan a lot. I bought apples, delicious goat gouda, different types of squash and other vegetables. I couldn't resist buying flowers, too.

I paged through old newspapers and magazines.

Être et avoir is a lovely and touching documentation of a one-room school in Auvergne. The perfect movie for my new beginning. This is what teaching is about.

Saturday, September 26

linz 09

Linz is European Capital of Culture this year – see this and this.
I have two good old friends, Barbara and Veronika, who have lived there. That's why I have been to this city very often.
I very much enjoyed exploring the changes together with Veronika and Stephan. And our fika at Gragger. I had a piece of Linzertorte. 2014, I'll be in Umeå.

Yesterday, I saw The Queen. I loved it, Helen Mirren's just great. So is the landscape of Scotland.

Have a nice weekend! It's my last before I'm attending school again.

Friday, September 25


An ice cream parlor in Vienna. Candido Bertó! Beautiful name.
Too bad that I cannot try his ice cream. His shop is closed. For a long time, I think.
And I haven't eaten enough ice cream this summer! And summer is over now...

I'm home alone. I'm missing Stephan.
Yesterday, I watched Så som i himmelen.

Wednesday, September 23


Favorite places.
Somewhere in the countryside.

Sunday, September 20

late summer

Some photos I took at the Kamaldulenserhof, where our Kräftskiva took place.
This spot is located in Sievering, a suburb of Vienna with viniculture and old farmhouses.

A song for today.

Enjoy this Sunday! We have such beautiful late summer weather here!

Saturday, September 19


Our kitchen table. This is where I spend much time.
And I baked an apple strudel. I took the recipe from an old school cookbook that should help educating "the
perfect housewife" (this is what the cover says!). Here's the recipe (I used less sugar, no raisins...
I always modify recipies).

Yesterday, I had an ambivalent birthday. It started with a funeral. But later on, I had a great time.
Life can be weird sometimes. Stephan and I had lunch at the new Vapiano and walked through Vienna's old
town centre. In the evening, we went out with Leni, Babsi, Bernd and Christoph. I got an interesting book
I want to read soon. My brother Bernhard gave me a book set in Vienna, too. Thank you so much!

The first days of spring by Noah and the Whale (via Brian).

Wednesday, September 16

tot ziens

These are the last photos I took in the Netherlands.
This was two months ago!
After enjoying sushi, salmon and king prawns from Simonis, we had our last breakfast in a beautiful flat.
I'm looking forward to my next holidays. It will take some time.

Have a nice evening!