Sunday, November 29

turquoise sunday

rekord 1900

rekord 1900




sunday lunch
Two weeks ago it was a sunny sunday.
We had lunch with pumpkin strudel and white wine.

Last Friday evening with Placebo and my friends was just perfect!

Monday, November 23


wall mountains


I've got a cold again. I need to drink tea and buy cough syrup.

Sunday, November 22

last week random

Some pictures from last week.
Tea meeting with Victoria at Demmers Teehaus.
Pastries made by mothers.

Saturday, November 21


I found the new Gudrun Sjödén christmas catalogue in my mailbox.

Friday, November 13

last weekend

Last weekend. Sunday family lunch, new carpet, Nikolaus Korab in the newspaper.

little village

In the little village where my mum grew up. In my parents' house, I found a drawing I made when I was in kindergarten.

Sunday, November 8

no way

It's November! The evenings are darker and we've already seen the first snowflakes.

I am pretty busy lately. Last wednesday, I taught a class of 6-year-old children for the first time. And it was fun! I photographed these drawings at my training school. The last weekends have been wonderful. I have been trying to ignore my mailbox and my phone and doing a few good things for myself.

I'm participating in Sandra’s tea swap! I can't wait to receive the package from Gothenburg.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Monday, November 2


Drawings I found in my training school.