Saturday, May 28

country home

Sometimes after a beautiful weekend, I take the countryside with me. The last picture shows my living room table on a Sunday evening.

I hope you are enjoying this weekend. Because I do :)

Thursday, May 26

my may

Some of the things, food and places I'm loving this May.

Wednesday, May 18


Some photos from a walk through Meidling.

The sun is back!

Tuesday, May 17

market words

Yppenmarkt and Brunnenmarkt are my favorite markets in town. Enjoying a leisurely Saturday morning or a calm evening there feels like being somewhere else. And when I'm visiting another city, I'm usually heading to the markets. What makes your favorite market the best?

Monday, May 16

looking back over my shoulder

It was the first day of the month of May and time for an evening walk.

Saturday, May 14

Tuesday, May 3




happy easter!

more knitting

angry bird
Some photos from last week. I have to relearn how to knit, that's why I had to make a few patterns. April was wonderful - May is grey.

Monday, May 2




fritz kola

Little Hamburg in Vienna. A recommendation.

Sadness is a Blessing (via Katinka) - this is another recommendation.