Thursday, December 31

last days of 2009

our cat


zucchini apple carrot cake

breakfast drinks

spinach strudel
We got a cat (inspired by Oly)!
I baked a Zucchini Apple and Carrot Cake and made the first smoothie with the new blender.

In 2009, Stephan and I moved into a new flat. I graduated from university. I quit two jobs and decided to become a teacher. I've been to Stockholm, Umeå, New York, Munich, Cologne and The Netherlands. I spent a few silent days in the countryside. I took lots of pictures and read some good books. Michael and Marlene moved to Canada, Veronika moved to Vienna and my brother came back after studying in Germany for five years. Birgit and Richard came by in April. I made new friends and met people I haven't seen for a long time. I participated in a big running event. I got my own piano and my first hiking shoes. I was sick too often and moaned a little bit too much. I went to great restaurants, cooked and baked delicious food and enjoyed good coffee, tea and wine. I did lots of crossword puzzles, listened to good music and bought some beautiful art work.

I wish you all the best for 2010. Thank you so much for coming by and your wonderful comments!

Sunday, December 27


christmas eve


jane lawson

jane lawson

jane lawson

cockle stove
I hope you've all had a silent Christmas. I'm back in town.
I love Jane Lawson's cookbook, the photos are so beautiful.

I very much enjoyed reading Frl. Zucker's top lists.

Thursday, December 24

merry little christmas

christmas tree

I hope you have wonderful days. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23

good night


nils + ilvy

cookie factory
The christmas shopping is finished, all gifts are wrapped and I'm starting to enjoy the holidays.
Have a good night before Christmas!

Saturday, December 19




monika's art work

four candles


victoria's kanelbullar

monika's moose
Today, I felt helthier again and I went out to have fika with Monika, Victoria and Reini. We were four Swedish speaking persons having julfika in winterly Vienna. I love Monikas carton moose!

It still has -8,5°c. Stephan and I bought a christmas tree and we got some schnaps. These days I feel christmas.

Sara posted such a great poem by Erik Blomberg I want to share with you:

Var inte rädd för mörkret
ty ljuset vilar där.
Vi ser ju inga stjärnor
där intet mörker är.

I ljusa irisringen
du bär en mörk pupill,
ty mörkt är allt som ljuset
med bävan längtar till.

Var inte rädd för mörkret,
ty ljuset vilar där,
var inte rädd för mörkret,
som ljusets hjärta bär.

Thursday, December 17

the cat and the snow

schnurrli watching the snowflakes


mum = nikolo
Last weekend in the countryside. Schnurrli watching the snowflakes. I did some art work for school.
My mum gave me a Nikolo gift with tangerines, tea and chocolate from Leschanz. In such moments, I'm still a little child.

Wednesday, December 16




1000 teeth



Still ill... drinking ginger tea should help.
It started to snow today and it's very cold outside.
And it's getting dark so early. Why I adore the night (via Brian).
Hope you're well!

Tuesday, December 15

sandra's letter


sandra juto

I was lying in bed when Stephan came in and brought me a letter from Sweden.
Sandra sent me the best gifts ever! I have already hung up the beautiful print Dada in my living room. And this beautiful crochet square needs to get framed, too. I was really overwhelmed :)
Thank you so, so much, Sandra, and Happy Birthday!

through crystal balls





I'm sick again and I should stay at home for the whole week.

Sunday, December 13

alt wien

whatever works



alt wien


Last weekend we went to the Naschmarkt and had lunch at Do-An. Alt Wien Coffee Roasters is the perfect spot for coffee connoisseurs.
In the evening, we watched Whatever works. I have seen this movie twice and I simply love it.

The freezing weather has finally arrived. Right now, I'm watching snowflakes.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 12

weeks go by



nichts hinausstrecken!


Some random pictures I took in November. The weeks go by like days.
The small note should remind me of returning books to the university library.
I hope your weekend is great!