Monday, August 31


Delft is a really beautiful, small city.
We visited the Antique Market around the canals of Central Delft and bought different things such as an old
dutch tile, prints, old postcards and an old tin from Droste Cacao.
There are some more pictures from my summer holidays I want to show you!

I can feel late summer in the city. The nights are not as warm anymore and it's calm outside.
I love it. Do you?

the hague walks

Somewhere in the city center.

Sunday, August 30


I liked this article's layout (found in Marie Claire Netherlands).
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Our first day in Scheveningen.
Beach picknick, dinner at a beachclub named Culpepper. We had wheat beer with lime.

Wednesday, August 26


Oh, did you spot the fly?!

I'm listening to Regina Spektor's album Far. So nice!


Somewhere in Cologne.

rhine walk

Tuesday, August 25


Somewhere in Cologne.


The Höninger, one of my favorite spot in Cologne.
This was our second stop after Munich. We came to visit my brother Bernhard.
It was a nice evening with an almost uncountable number of different Kölsch :)


On our way to the Netherlands, we visited Barbara in Munich.
We had dinner at Alter Simpl and enjoyed the breakfast with morning sun in Barbara's living room.

Sunday, August 23


The last few pictures i took during the weekend at Bernd's.
I love this house so much!
Bernd's mum shared her whole wheat bread recipe with me. And she told me how to make her famous müesli :)


The morning after Bernd's BBQ party at his parents' house in the countryside.

Saturday, August 22

bbq party

BBQ party at Bernd's. What a great day with good friends!
It was so nice meeting them again: Bernd, his parents, Leni, Matthias and Maxi.