Sunday, February 23

Happenings, week 8

week 8

What I like
* having an afternoon coffee date with K, C and L – I'll miss the girls in the next few weeks!
* a relaxing brunch at C's comfy home
* a long, long walk
* reading a book within two days
* receiving a message from my dear old friend I who's currently over due date of her pregnancy
* dinner with S at Rasouli
* going to bed early
* being 40 weeks pregnant
* enjoying S's weekend mode on Friday afternoon, ordering pizza and watching Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine
* P complimenting me on my typography pics I posted on the website of Typemuseum
* watching the last competitions of the Olympic Games
* finally making a photo book filled with memories of our wedding
* sleeping till 9 am on Sunday
* having lunch with my parents at Nordpol, enjoying Bohemian cabbage soup
* mum giving me catkins, chocolate cake and home-dried fruit
* a walk in the sunshine on a warm Sunday

What I read and watched
* the books Überlebensgroß by Mark Watson, Emma schweigt by Susanne Scholl and Kap Cod by Henry David Thoreau
* The Weekender issue 12
* the movies Der Herr Karl, Blue Jasmine and Freispiel
* Vienne en Tramway – my hometown has changed a lot since 1906...
* the typography project Typemuseum
* this article about the breathtaking Haus Fontanella by Bernardo Bader Architects

What I don't like
* my body being so damn ready (it has been for a while now). I'm worn out and dilated, contracting and a litte bit anxious...
* not knowing how labor pains feel like – when does "true" labor begin?

Sunday, February 16

Happenings, week 7

week 7

What I like
* lazing around without having bad conscience
* taking a long evening walk watching a beautiful sunset, meeting S at the train station, having an early (after-work) dinner at Augustin
* crocheting a light green baby wizard hood
* people smiling at pregnant me
* baking delicious blueberry spelt muffins adapted from Nigel Slater's Tender Vol. II at 8 o'clock in the morning
* sunshine!
* accidentally meeting D on the bus when going to buy coffee at Coffee Pirates
* a visit from my dear colleagues C and L & birthday candles for C
* C winning our belly comparison: 105 cm vs. 101 cm
* watching thousands of crows sitting in treetops, listening to their crowing in the evening sun
* making hanging items for a baby playing gym
* finally sleeping well during the night from Friday to Saturday
* my parents visiting us for coffee on Saturday afternoon
* chicken roast on Sunday
* trying to enjoy the last days of my pregnancy because it’s the only one that I’ll actually have time to enjoy!
* exchanging pregnancy experiences and DIY ideas with C

What I read and watched
* the books Verschwörung in Sarajevo. Triumph und Tod des Attentäters Gavrilo Princip by Gregor Mayer, Überlebensgroß by Mark Watson
* the family magazine Nido (being fascinated by an article on a French polar explorer living in Greenland together with his wife and two little daughters)
* the movies Hochzeitspolka and The Royal Tenenbaums
* a TV documentary about the small Swedish skerry island Källö-Knippla
* the photos that show Portland covered by snow on Marion's blog
* amazing pictures of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem by Máni Katz (I'd like to go there one day...)

What I don't like
* insomnia
* not always succeeding in trying to eat healthy

Monday, February 10

Happenings, week 6

week 6

What I like
* the Austrian region Waldviertel looking like Swedish landscape
* baking Marmorgugelhupf – a cake a mum should be able to bake (when I was little, I thought it's name was "Mamagugelhupf" – mummygugelhupf)
* chatting with my colleagues from college of education
* M coming by to watch the Super Bowl time-shifted (and, of course, the Seattle Seahawks winning the title!)
* a very friendly midwife examining me at hospital and telling me my baby is fine
* crocheting
* minutes of sunshine after very grey and dark days
* breakfast with C at Figar, sitting close to the window – perfect for people watching
* taking a long walk without feeling any pain
* cooking dinner for S and our dear friend V (it was good to see her again!)
* daffodils at home
* dinner with S at Wetter – I love their artichokes with mint butter and bread
* Ikea launching a beautiful limited edition collection called Bråkig

What I read and watched
* the book Kleine Kassa by Martin Lechner
* Datum, probably the best Austrian news magazine with excellent content and brilliant illustrations
* the movies Airplane!, Take Shelter and Somersault
* Winter Olympics on a rainy Sunday
* Lavinia Cernau's photography on her website
* this amazing post by Janis about traveling through New Zealand

What I don't like
* sleeplessness that that make me get out of my bed at nighttime
* bad mood

Monday, February 3

Happenings, week 5


What I like
* having an excellent gynecologist who doesn't make me nervous
* knowing that the baby is fine (and will be fine if it decides to come earlier...)
* living in black clothes (mostly the same I wore bevore pregnancy)
* not feeling tired after nights with reading breaks
* feeling fit enough to walk through the city, take photos, make small purchases
* getting a call from Y because she had a dream I've gone into labour
* meeting a friend from elementary school together with her two kids on the subway (I haven't seen her for ages!)
* cooking the best lentil soup ever
* listening to Neil Diamond while buying beautiful baby clothes in a small shop
* meeting M and little O for a walk and lunch and coffee at Joseph Bistro
* C's flat with a fantastic view and a mini catfish in an aquarium
* eating C's delicious vegetable soup and her scrumptious chocolate raspberry cake
* mum and mother-in-law traveling to Israel together
* solving tricky logicals
* the cozy MoyoMe in Krems – indeed a little different spot in that town
* visiting a brewer in his amazing home, talking about the west coast and the idea behind brewing IPA in Austria
* the song "Au Revoir" by Ja, Panik
* ice and snow

What I read and watched
* the books Die Tante Jolesch by Friedrich Torberg and Kleine Kassa by Martin Lechner
* Die Zeit (once I got along with the unhandy format)
* the movies Somewhere, Kückückskind, Father of the Bride Part II, Coco Chanel and American Beauty
* the website Northern Journals

What I don't like
* pregnancy-related problems...
* talented actors dying far too early (thinking of Philip Seymour Hoffman)