Sunday, February 13

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mum's apple bread
A few photos taken in December 2010.

My one-week-holidays went by too quickly and the new term already starts on Tuesday. Yesterday, I came home from a short trip to Leipzig. My brother has been living there for a few months now. The city is quite big and I found some very nice areas, good cafés and restaurants. Back in Vienna, it's snowing beautifully outside. Winter hasn't gone yet.

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I reply
@ Maggie, Li + Belle, Megan & Sunkentreasure: Thank you so much for your kind words!
@ Nina: Für Kaffee und Kuchen war ich noch nicht in der Villa Aurora - das wird aber bald nachgeholt.


Miao said... February 13, 2011 at 2:19 PM

picture 2 is lovely!

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