Monday, January 6

Happenings, Week 1


This is going to be the first little change on my blog: I'm planning to post the good things in life, some bad things as well, weekly – on Sunday or Monday. My readings, the movies I watched. Maybe some favorites, some links, too. Astrid and Heidi highly inspired me, thank you!

What I like
* being pregnant
* the beautiful purple and orange winter sky
* crocheting baby mittens
* peeling oranges, I love their scent
* a friend talking in German and saying words like hillarious, awesome & weird
* my mother in law's apricot jam
* the song Maschin by the Austrian band Bilderbuch
* furnishing and decorating the baby's room
* eating my freshly baked rhubarb almond cake
* my nails growing a bit stronger
* fresh dill decorating the kitchen
* meeting our friends' little daughter for the first time

What I read and watched
* the books Die Welt summt in b-Moll by Mari Strachan and Becks letzter Sommer by Benedict Wells
* the movies Groundhog Day, Trading Places, My Cousin Vinny and O Brother Where Art Thou
* an article on Joris Brouwers' & Nicky Zwaan's house over at Freunde von Freunden

What I don't like
* sleepless nights
* a friend suffering from a smoke inhalation far, far away in China


Astrid said... January 8, 2014 at 8:56 PM

You are pregnant? Yay! Congratulations so, so much! I love your list.

Irene said... January 9, 2014 at 7:27 AM

@Astrid I'm happy to read that, Astrid! Thank you.

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