Tuesday, April 15

Happenings, week 14 & 15


What I like
* J finally gaining enough weight, he'll soon reach 4 kilograms!
* celebrating J's 1 month birthday together with J's friend T (who was born the same day as J) and his mum C
* meeting two of my aunts and my mum at Joseph bistro (and enjoying an amazing chocolate croissant)
* meeting M and her puppy Purzel for a walk in a huge (dog) park
* first outdoor bbq this year, together with our dearest friends
* visiting my grandpa (J's great-grandpa!) and my mum in Lower Austria - it was the first time we left Vienna since J was born!
* J sleeping and doing pretty well after 1 hour car rides
* licking my first ice cream cone this year (my favorite flavor is nocciolone)
* Sunday lunch at Villa Aurora
* getting out with J and my mum to shop and to get a new haircut
* having some quiet days at home
* precooking and deep-freezing vegetable soups
* accidentally meeting L, C and their eight months old daughter F on Sunday and having lunch together

What I read and watched
* the movie Komm, süßer Tod
* the first episode of the fabulous new Austrian TV-series Bösterreich
* the last episode of How I Met Your Mother
* the baby related books Kinderkacke by Julia Heilmann and Thomas Lindemann and Babyjahre by Remo H. Largo
* the magazines Datum and Stadtaspekte

What I don't like
* finding out that my employment contract will not be renewed after August this year – I'll have to reapply after maternity leave. I'd really like to work at the same school again!
* dog parks...


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