Monday, April 6

the farm, part I

the farm von Ihnen.

the farm von Ihnen.

the farm von Ihnen.
Some pictures of the farm where Stephan's mother lived when she was a child.
I love visiting Stephan's grandma there.
It's a totally different world from the one I live in.

Spring! It is so warm and nice outside, I love the fresh green leaves.
Stephan and I inaugurated our new balcony this weekend.
Today, I had my first cup of ice cream this year!
At Bortolotti, poppy seed, strawberry and yoghurt.
Matthias came to spend the lunch break with me.
By the way: Vienna's best ice cream can be found at Tuchlauben.
Yesterday evening, Bernd, Matthias, Stephan and I enjoyed dinner at Kent.
It was possible to sit outside in the garden till 10pm!

And I'm looking forward to a journey!
My aunt Luise booked our flight to New York.
We'll stay for one week. And I'm going to spend four more days in The Hague.
I can't wait till June.


epe said... April 8, 2009 at 4:10 AM

Happy spring! :)

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