Sunday, April 19

the farm, part II

the farm von Ihnen.

the farm von Ihnen.

the farm von Ihnen.

the farm von Ihnen.
Some more pictures of the farm.

Our new flat is getting more and more comfortable.
We bought a sofa and an armchair, and the kitchen is nearly complete.
I'm so happy to live here.

I'm also very glad that I found a new job where I can work together with Swedish-speaking people.

The past few days have been gloriously sunny and really unseasonably warm.
Yesterday was my first Saturday at the farmer's market this year.
I bought the ingredients for Chili con carne and a Moravian cabbage soup,
pita bread, different apples and two bunches of tulips.

Veronika moved to Vienna, she's going to visit me in the afternoon.
Have a nice Sunday!


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