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graz university

Graz is a charming little city 200 km south of Vienna. In January, Stephan and I went there by train and stayed for one night.

Do you recognize that there's so much more light outside? The sky is intense blue today. I love it.

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I reply
@Lotte, Same Length Pinkies, Snows, Ritva, Sara, Provins: I'm glad you enjoyed my latest posts, thank you!
@Sandra: Ja, det är verkligen kul - jag skulle träna min svenska lite oftare...
@Christine: I hope you found an answer. Anyway, you should try them. Punschkrapfen are made of biscuit filled with crumbled biscuit, chocolate, apricot jam and rum. The pink icing is made of rum and sugar. I love these.
@Ulrika: Tack! Ja, det var en jättekall dag. Vi var så glada att det var varmare i mormors hus!
@Jenna: I should practice my swedish, too, but it's not so easy when nobody around you can speak the language :)


Li + Belle said... February 27, 2011 at 7:25 AM

It looks inviting. I was not in Graz, but it is not far away and it seems worth a visit. Thanks for the tip.

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