Sunday, January 12

Happenings, Week 2

week 2

What I like
* laughing with my dearest colleagues L, K and C while having brunch
* L's freshly squeezed orange apple carrot and pepper juice
* K telling about her experiences in Thailand
* buying second hand baby clothes, t. ex. from a nice Danish lady
* quiet neighborhoods in the middle of Vienna's 15th district
* visiting dusty bookshops because the retailers send my big parcels
* lazing around in the "new" baby room
* mum sending me the remaining Christmas cookies (my favorite with chocolate and raspberry jam, following a recipy by my grandma who died a few years ago)
* my new iPhone (yes, it works!)
* the receptionist at doctor's office calling my belly cute
* two very old women on the subway talking about soy yogurt and tofu
* shopping at Minimal and Herr und Frau Klein (sale!)
* feeling good enough to do yoga and meeting C there
* sunshine after foggy days
* picture books for babies
* dinner at one of the best restaurants I know, the Rasouli
* feeling inspired by an exhibition about the Schwadron brothers

What I read and watched
* the books Becks letzter Sommer by Benedict Wells and Der Mann, der starb wie ein Lachs by Mikael Niemi
* the movies Being There, Be Kind Rewind, Dan in Real Life, Greenberg and Frances Ha
* Anna Emilias illustrations Dreaming and Waiting. I remembered them due to my advanced pregnancy, they are so beautiful!
* an article on The Schorem Haarsnijder, a barbier in Rotterdam over at Freunde von Freunden
* Sandra's guide to great coffee in Berlin. I'm keeping it for our next visit, but when will that be?
* the reportage Der Mörder als Pfleger by Claas Relotius in Reportagen, issue 9
* Biorama magazine No. 28

What I don't like
* getting exhausted by short distance walks
* spring temperatures in January
* thinking about the things I'm going to need at the maternity clinic, it's too early!
* feeling uncomfortably in my growing body
* orange blossom tea (sadly...)


Sophie said... January 24, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Pretty pictures. I would love to follow you on instagram. / finedage

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