Sunday, January 19

Happenings, Week 3

week 3

What I like
* spelt honey rolls with sunflower seeds from Joseph bakery (this week, it was all about this damn good bread from that awesome bakery)
* buying Disco coffee at Kaffeefabrik
* a weekday breakfast with C (it's so good that we have the same due date!)
* discovering Café Ansari
* tulips everywhere
* crocheting a baby stole (and finally understanding the chrochetting pattern)
* C's homemade marmor gugelhupf
* reading, reading, reading
* feeling in a crafty mood, making handprinted onesies
* falling asleep during the yoga relaxation
* a spontaneous visit from my parents, they wanted to see the baby's room
* S trying to make the perfect belly video
* celebrating B's 30th birthday & meeting good friends at the very nice restaurant Zweitbester
* still being able to climb stairs, put on my shoes, cut my toenails...
* forming lots of Kärntner Kasnudeln together with S
* baking on Sundays (this Sunday: apple strudel with short crust pastry)

What I read and watched
* the book Der Mann, der starb wie ein Lachs by Mikael Niemi and the novella Die Spieluhr by Ulrich Tukur
* the movies An Education, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and I rymden finns inga känslor
* Kinfolk Magazine, Volume 10 (The Aged Issue)
* an interview with the talented illustrator Yelena Bryksenkova in Amelia's Magazine
* Holly Becker's helpful article on Baby Essentials For The First Year (to throw a baby party after a few weeks seems to be a good idea; like in Germany, there are no baby showers in Austria)

What I don't like
* spontaneous visits at an unknown hairdresser (bad idea!)
* getting a streptococcus screening test
* incredibly dark and foggy days
* thinking I'm eating too many sweets


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