Sunday, January 26

Happenings, week 4

week 4

What I like
* listening to D's impressive lecture on identification through biometry
* being proud of S celebrating his doc graduation at the University of Vienna togehter with many relatives
* listening to old records of Sigur Rós
* feeling lucky and overwhelmed with finding tiles by the Schwadron brothers in a Viennese apartment building
* meeting Y and her sweet little boy L for morning tea
* telling 20 months old L about the baby inside my belly
* the days distinctly getting longer again
* breakfast dates with C & enjoying eating good food at Joseph bistro
* daytime naps that reduce my feelings of fatigue (before my pregnancy, I was unable to sleep at daytime)
* pregnancy yoga lessons with other pregnant women (and all their huge bellies)
* a lunch date with S at a quiet restaurant
* Sunday feast with kofta (adapted from Ottolenghi's Jerusalem cookbook) & vegetable stew, fika with muffins from Joseph bakery (Carrot, ricotta & speculoos streusel, Chocolate & cherry)
* snowflakes and -6 °C

What I read and watched
* the books Ich gegen dich by Jenny Downham and Die Tante Jolesch by Friedrich Torberg
* the movies Türkisch für Anfänger (very bad movie with lots of clichés!), Father of the Bride, I Am Love and Paradies: Liebe
* the article 24 Hours in Portland with Kinfolk Magazine over at Design Sponge (If I ever go to Portland again – I hope so – I'll read this in advance)
* the website Die 78er (highly impressive photos of abandoned, forgotten and inaccessible locations in and around Vienna)
* Warum! magazine

What I don't like
* seemingly endless nights without sleep
* dogs not wearing a muzzle when walking or running after a thrown ball
* mood swings


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