Monday, February 3

Happenings, week 5


What I like
* having an excellent gynecologist who doesn't make me nervous
* knowing that the baby is fine (and will be fine if it decides to come earlier...)
* living in black clothes (mostly the same I wore bevore pregnancy)
* not feeling tired after nights with reading breaks
* feeling fit enough to walk through the city, take photos, make small purchases
* getting a call from Y because she had a dream I've gone into labour
* meeting a friend from elementary school together with her two kids on the subway (I haven't seen her for ages!)
* cooking the best lentil soup ever
* listening to Neil Diamond while buying beautiful baby clothes in a small shop
* meeting M and little O for a walk and lunch and coffee at Joseph Bistro
* C's flat with a fantastic view and a mini catfish in an aquarium
* eating C's delicious vegetable soup and her scrumptious chocolate raspberry cake
* mum and mother-in-law traveling to Israel together
* solving tricky logicals
* the cozy MoyoMe in Krems – indeed a little different spot in that town
* visiting a brewer in his amazing home, talking about the west coast and the idea behind brewing IPA in Austria
* the song "Au Revoir" by Ja, Panik
* ice and snow

What I read and watched
* the books Die Tante Jolesch by Friedrich Torberg and Kleine Kassa by Martin Lechner
* Die Zeit (once I got along with the unhandy format)
* the movies Somewhere, Kückückskind, Father of the Bride Part II, Coco Chanel and American Beauty
* the website Northern Journals

What I don't like
* pregnancy-related problems...
* talented actors dying far too early (thinking of Philip Seymour Hoffman)


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