Tuesday, March 18

Happenings, week 11


What I like
* parenthood. I'm cherishing every second with my little baby boy J. He's amazing.
* sleeping. I thought the nights would be the hardest part, but so far J sleeps very, very well in our bed, so do we!
* J looking with big eyes at his mobile, at baby books and his soft toys
* good times out with J and his stroller, 20 °C and sunshine in March!
* the Marsupi baby carrier I bought second hand – I carry J while he's asleep, so I'm able to do other things besides breastfeeding, holding J in my arms and changing diapers
* watching J enjoying his first baby bath
* meeting a very nice breastfeeding counsellor who helps me one-by-one
* my mum and my mother-in-law cooking and baking delicious meals and cakes for us
* J's uncle M, his great-randma, grandparents and aunt M visiting us
* Sunday lunch at Rasouli. Two weeks ago we went there to have dinner, and afterwards at home my water broke.
* L, B and their children O and L (2 years and 3 months old) visiting us on Sunday afternoon – I haven't seen them for quite a while!
* purple tulips and catkins

What I read and watched
* the book Kinderkacke by Julia Heilmann and Thomas Lindemann (it was a gift from our friends B and L)
* Kinfolk Magazine Volume 11
* I didn't watch any movies, but TV-series and comedy shows have suitable length for young parents.

What I don't like
* the severe storm destroying the beautiful spring flowers we got from J's great-grandparents
* having fixed appointments and finding myself in a rush
* me having a temperature and feeling sick
* S's two weeks vacation ending on Monday


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