Monday, March 31

Happenings, week 12 & 13


What I like
* spending much time together with J, we're becoming more and more in tune with each other. There is not much more than feeding, pumping breast milk, diaper changes, cuddling, soothing, napping...
* feeling like an octopus when staying at home alone with J
* listening to J's gentle snoring
* knowing that asking for help from relatives isn't a sign of weakness or inability
* taking a shower, getting dressed and wearing make-up each day
* daily long walks in the sunshine. The weather outside is quite unusual for March!
* getting out with S and J to eat at our favorite restaurants
* M, H and V stopping by, my parents-in-law visiting us, meeting M and M – and everybody's adoring J :)
* receiving awesome gifts for J (oh, these little baby Converse!)
* a sunny Sunday brunch with my sister-in-law M and her boyfriend at Manameierei
* receiving the beautiful birth announcements that S and I designed together
* J smiling!
* S "dancing" with J
* the internet can wait

What I read and watched
* Nido 4/2014 and some other magazines
* "Privat" and "Hader muss weg" by the fantastic and unique Austrian comedian Josef Hader

What I don't like
* J losing too much weight in the first weeks. We are currently working really hard to get J to put on weight, but we're optimistic!
* sometimes being too hard on myself as a mother. I don't have to be a pro in no time!


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