Monday, May 5

Happenings, week 16, 17 & 18


What I like
* J's new baby hammock – I hope he'll like it, too!
* april weather
* a visit from A, who unfortunately came without her three little girls
* having a relaxed brunch at C's place together with my friends C's baby boy T, K and L
* K's cake project "Beat Cakes". She and her friend baked cupcakes and sold them at a market – to be continued!
* the beautiful baby book K bought us in London
* two four day long weekends with S and J
* Easter vacation in Waldviertel
* J sleeping well in other beds
* visiting J's great-grandparents
* some "free" minutes when grandparents, aunts or uncles take walks with J and his stroller
* M's delicious roasted lamb on Easter Sunday
* that awesome Easter brunch we had with our closest family members on Easter Monday
* J laughing and babbling so much and turning his head from one side to the other
* J visibly growing in lenght and gaining weight steadily – he already weighs 4500 g! Pumping breast milk isn't necessary anymore which feels much, much better for J and me.
* meeting M, my neighbor from hospital, together with her little daughter A, at the pediatrician
* my gynecologist telling me everything was okay with my body after giving birth
* redesigning our living room with a new sofa and a hanging chair
* my mother-in-law continuing walking El Camino de Santiago
* playing Scrabble togehter with S in the sunshine
* many long, long walks
* getting better in managing daily routine with J
* celebrating T's and J's two-months-birthday together with T's parents C and P
* ice cream
* asparagus
* making felt balls
* listening to the hail pinging against the windows
* my brother visiting from Germany
* visiting Y, S and their two-year-old son L and watching L being fascinated by J (when I changed J's diapers, L brought me a potty that belongs to his dolls!)
* visiting my parents for having Sunday roast together in Lower Austria

What I read and watched
* the movies Silentium, Sarajevo and Jet Lag
* TV-series and shows (Mad Men, Californication, Bösterreich, Willkommen Österreich,...)
* baby related books and magazines

What I don't like
* Mondays when S has to go back to work
* J crying for no apparent reason at all


Astrid said... May 5, 2014 at 12:28 PM

I love your lists, Irene

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