Tuesday, May 20

Happenings, weeks 19 & 20


What I like
* growing a little garden on my balcony (I lately added tomatoes, meadow sage and rosemary)
* J playing with his toys and grabbing them
* J dancing to Jazz for Kids
* baby spinach from my mother's garden
* a very talented young cook and his girlfriend opening a restaurant in our neighborhood
* my mum going for walks with J and giving me some "free" time
* meeting S and her little daughter V for a walk and coffee, spending an unstressed morning together
* J loving his daily tummy time and holding his head up
* using my hometrainer again, and it feels good to exercise again!
* lunch at Joseph bistro, eating good food I had to refuse during pregnancy (beef tartare, soft boiled eggs, rainbow trout "sushi")
* getting rid of our old white Ikea sofas - it's time to redesign the living room!
* chocolate truffles from Berger
* baking rosemary ginger shortbread (inspired by my mother-in-law and Molly Wizenberg's recipe in Delancey)
* my brother-in-law M's birthday lunch (and S's delicious poppy seed layer cake with yoghurt and raspberries)
* the white orchid I keep in my bedroom blooming again
* J's jaw still moving when he fell asleep during breastfeeding

What I read and watched
* the movies Looking for Eric and Otto - Der Film
* the book Delancey by Molly Wizenberg and this article on this great pizza restaurant on Sweet Amandine – S and I had dinner there twice during our stay in Seattle on our honeymoon. We had unforgettable evenings!
* this hilarious article on baby toys and a problem of many homes with a new baby by Holly Becker. I can totally relate to!
* TV-series and shows (the ones I mentioned earlier plus Portlandia and Arrested Development)
* the Song Contest from Copenhagen – thanks to Conchita Wurst, next year's contest will be held in Austria!
* Vienna's city newspaper Falter (I now ordered a weekly maternity leave subscription)
* these pictures of Vega Cottage in zeen Magazine
* Nordic Design homes
* this post by MAV about her cookbook favorites

What I don't like
* nurseries with pretty small gardens
* J crying during stroller rides – getting well-meant advice from strangers can be so frustrating!
* buzzing insects flying around our living room


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