Monday, February 10

Happenings, week 6

week 6

What I like
* the Austrian region Waldviertel looking like Swedish landscape
* baking Marmorgugelhupf – a cake a mum should be able to bake (when I was little, I thought it's name was "Mamagugelhupf" – mummygugelhupf)
* chatting with my colleagues from college of education
* M coming by to watch the Super Bowl time-shifted (and, of course, the Seattle Seahawks winning the title!)
* a very friendly midwife examining me at hospital and telling me my baby is fine
* crocheting
* minutes of sunshine after very grey and dark days
* breakfast with C at Figar, sitting close to the window – perfect for people watching
* taking a long walk without feeling any pain
* cooking dinner for S and our dear friend V (it was good to see her again!)
* daffodils at home
* dinner with S at Wetter – I love their artichokes with mint butter and bread
* Ikea launching a beautiful limited edition collection called Bråkig

What I read and watched
* the book Kleine Kassa by Martin Lechner
* Datum, probably the best Austrian news magazine with excellent content and brilliant illustrations
* the movies Airplane!, Take Shelter and Somersault
* Winter Olympics on a rainy Sunday
* Lavinia Cernau's photography on her website
* this amazing post by Janis about traveling through New Zealand

What I don't like
* sleeplessness that that make me get out of my bed at nighttime
* bad mood


janis said... February 10, 2014 at 12:52 PM

hey! thanks so much for the link! :)

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