Sunday, February 16

Happenings, week 7

week 7

What I like
* lazing around without having bad conscience
* taking a long evening walk watching a beautiful sunset, meeting S at the train station, having an early (after-work) dinner at Augustin
* crocheting a light green baby wizard hood
* people smiling at pregnant me
* baking delicious blueberry spelt muffins adapted from Nigel Slater's Tender Vol. II at 8 o'clock in the morning
* sunshine!
* accidentally meeting D on the bus when going to buy coffee at Coffee Pirates
* a visit from my dear colleagues C and L & birthday candles for C
* C winning our belly comparison: 105 cm vs. 101 cm
* watching thousands of crows sitting in treetops, listening to their crowing in the evening sun
* making hanging items for a baby playing gym
* finally sleeping well during the night from Friday to Saturday
* my parents visiting us for coffee on Saturday afternoon
* chicken roast on Sunday
* trying to enjoy the last days of my pregnancy because it’s the only one that I’ll actually have time to enjoy!
* exchanging pregnancy experiences and DIY ideas with C

What I read and watched
* the books Verschwörung in Sarajevo. Triumph und Tod des Attentäters Gavrilo Princip by Gregor Mayer, Überlebensgroß by Mark Watson
* the family magazine Nido (being fascinated by an article on a French polar explorer living in Greenland together with his wife and two little daughters)
* the movies Hochzeitspolka and The Royal Tenenbaums
* a TV documentary about the small Swedish skerry island Källö-Knippla
* the photos that show Portland covered by snow on Marion's blog
* amazing pictures of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem by Máni Katz (I'd like to go there one day...)

What I don't like
* insomnia
* not always succeeding in trying to eat healthy


etta said... February 19, 2014 at 7:05 AM

your blog seems nice! i like your lists, i'd have some of the same things on my list!

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